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Celebrating 10 years in business

When I first got a start in the media I was 15 and still at school. The local paper would let me come in and join the news team for the school holidays and I got to write the record reviews, wedding reports and the obituaries. I even got to review Elton John’s “new” single Crocodile Rock, but that’s really dating me.  Newspapers are in my blood, even my old dad was a photographer going back to the black and white days, and print media is still something I am very passionate about. I left the newsroom and joined the advertising department, before trying my hand at radio and TV sales as well as owning and operating a tropical island resort in the Cook Islands, a wholesale food and beverage distribution business and running backpacker hostels in Cape Tribulation and then Cairns.

So it’s only fitting that I stuck with the media even though I’ve tried all sorts of other things in my life. Ask me how many times I’ve jmped out of a plane, or jumped off a bungy tower, yes I even did these things for a living!

Anyway, the point of all this is that back in the late ’90’s I was a bit disillusioned, selling advertising for the Austereo Network’s top Perth radio station, when there was a cause for celebration if an advertiser got a result after a spend of $5,000 in any one week. I came across a garage door manufacturer who not only gave the radio station a go, and me some commission, but he showed me the Homemaker Catalogue that an agency from Adelaide would compile and deliver to every household in Perth. He said the leads he got from it exceeded everything else he ever did, and that included radio, TV and the newspaper.

Long story short, I didn’t want to go into competition so thought I’d front up to the big smoke – Sydney – and give it a go in Australia’s biggest market.

So, getting together with Denzil we started the Shoppers and Business catalogues in March 2002 and I guess the rest is history. Although successful, we stopped compiling the Shoppers catalogues in 2005 and focused on building a complete solution for B2B businesses in all the main cities in Australia and Auckland.

We’re currently celebrating 10 years in business, our first catalogues hit the streets in June 2002. Over the years we’ve built up a network of trustworthy suppliers and we’re delighted with the team that works with us to deliver the best possible experience for you that we can.

Drop in to our offices anytime, say hello, ask us anything, we eat, live and breathe B2B direct repose media and if we can add value to your business, we will.