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Print Advertising Isn’t Cheap, But Powerful Ads Pull More Customers And Can Cost Less!

Print advertising definitely works better with powerful ads, but it takes real advertising experience to make it pay big dividends. Many businesses are wasting money on ineffective, high-priced space ads.

Why? Because they leave the design and sales copy to the local newspapers or Yellow Pages figuring it’s free … and end up with a ‘pretty ad’ that often doesn’t deliver!  The trouble with the local papers and Yellow Pages is they deal in volume advertisers, and when your ad copy hits the designers desk he/she will take the brief from the advertising sales rep who has been told what to put in the ad by you – and with all due respect you’re most likely not a print advertising direct marketing expert.

We take a different approach. We don’t deal in hundreds of advertisers every month and we research everything about your business industry, or have successful ads that we have done that we know will work for you.

Would you benefit from a “Print Ad Review”

It’s a revealing analysis of your most recent print advertising and shows you better ways to attract customers…using the best Powerful Advertising Design and Sales Copy.

You can get a no-cost review of your print ads and most likely save money and get better results – immediately.

Call 1300 360 540 now for a brief conversation or email and we promise this will be well worth your time.