What do solicitors in Brisbane do?

Solicitors in Brisbane are considered legal professionals. People in Brisbane needing legal advice about property law or family law do well by working with solicitors in Brisbane. Solicitors in Brisbane and elsewhere in the world predominantly work with individuals, focusing on:

  • Provide legal documentation on legal matters
  • Provide legal advice
  • Property purchases, divorce, and other day-to-day legal issues

Many small and big law firms hire solicitors as a member of their legal team. While solicitors, as a rule, never go to court, they provide the necessary legal grunt work. This includes taking depositions, handling investigations, doing interviews, and taking on a mountain of paperwork.

Yet, with all this, what do solicitors do?

As mentioned, preparing legal documents is one of the specialisations of solicitors. However, their work is not confined to legal paperwork and documentation. Many solicitors work in certain areas of law specialisation whether as private individuals or in-house lawyers for a law firm.

With this said, the legal processes many solicitors are likely to handle include:

Possess a good grasp of the law

The specialised work of solicitors is drawing up important business documents and contracts. Their excellent grasp of the workings of the law is the top reason for many clients to hire a solicitor rather than a business lawyer.

Inaccurately drafted contracts can lead to financial loss. While experienced solicitors possess a good grasp of the law to enable them to draft good contracts, they are vulnerable to negligence claims filed against them. The professional indemnity insurance of solicitors offers them legal protection from such claims.

Be that as it may, reputable solicitors stay on top of the game by creating and drafting legal contracts and documentation protecting the interests of their clients.

Read and interpret legal documents

Often, the main role played by solicitors is to read and interpret the documents received by a client. In this kind of scenario, a solicitor is hired solely to provide a legal opinion. Interpreting a document allows a solicitor to explain its implications as well as provide legal advice on the best kind of action they have to do.

For some clients, consulting with a solicitor offers the best way to identify unclear or gaps in any legal contracts they have entered into. A solicitor’s identification of unclear areas in a legal document provides a legal way for a client to extricate or excuse them from taking any action expected by the contract.

Proofread legal documents

Legal documentation involves a lot of transactional work. For instance, real estate transactions involve two parties, a buyer and a seller. Each party usually brings its solicitors during negotiations. Each party produces its documentation to be read by the hired solicitors of each party. The negotiation only pushes through when solicitors from both parties give the thumbs-up signal.

In this scenario, the sharp eyes, mind, and knowledge of solicitors play an important role. Good organisational skills and a sharp eye for detail are the things are one of the main things to think of when you try to find a local solicitor in Brisbane.

Draw up legal contracts

Drawing up legal contracts and documents is probably the main role of solicitors. The accuracy and closing up of any gaps in legal contracts are the important jobs solicitors bring to the table. A lot of weight is given by courts of any state or country to legal documents. Many legal precedents have happened with the right legal document.


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