Celebrating 15 Years of Success for our Clients!

It all happened straight after the world changed in September 2001.

Within a month of that awful disaster, Denzil Wright and Lynda Greening, the original co-founders of the Business Catalogues, found themselves hopelessly unemployed and with no real immediate prospects, so they took a camping road trip – as you do!

A germ of an idea started to form somewhere along the sandy beach on Fraser Island, and it percolated and developed in a mammoth 10 hour day in Sizzler on a wet, rainy Cairns day a couple of days after Christmas.

What was the idea?

Well the business catalogues of course. Taking the idea from the highly successful catalogues we all see in our home letterboxes every week from Target, Coles, Harvey Norman, Australia Post and Aldi, the directors believed that as businesses are staffed by humans, the same sort of catalogue but just featuring business products would appeal to business buyers.

So, fast forward to 26th June 2002 and the very first 100,000 Sydney Business Catalogue‘s were delivered across Sydney by Australia Post.

And it worked!

Business bought from the advertisers, and the advertisers were delighted and celebrated their success. And the rest they say, is history!

Forward to 2017

In 2017 Denzil and Lynda decided it was time to head off on another camping road trip – as you do, and passed the reigns to Paragon Media to publish the Business Catalogues and continue with helping B2B businesses grow and achieve their own success.

We can help you build on the proven success of our countless B2B clients, where we look at your business as it is at the moment, work out where you want to take it, then shape and mould a marketing campaign to suit.

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