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See Materials Handling Adverts That Generate Leads for your Business

Selling Materials Handling is your bread and butter right? You know you’ve chosen a highly competitive business category in which to work for, or run a business.

Now finding a proven and successful advertising strategy to generate new leads is a must. Would you agree with that?

Is it really possible to double, triple, quadruple the response rates you’re currently getting from your email, direct mail, website offers and other advertising off-line and online?

The answer is a definite “YES!”

Is it easy?

The answer is a definite “NO!”

Sadly there is no magic bullet, no abracadabra that you can intone over your advertising to guarantee that it will make money.

But there is something powerful that you can do to improve the results you’re getting.

Since the beginning of time people have been used to the herd mentality, they think that when you advertise you need to be in the same place as all your competitors.  Way back when – and it really was only 5 or 10 years ago – the Yellow Pages made a pretty penny out of pitting all Materials Handling companies against each other, the business that advertised the longest was the one that appeared first, and the ones with the biggest budgets bought the full or half page ads and also appeared at the front of the listing.  This has always been followed by dozens of minnows and minions hoping to pick up the crumbs after the big boys  had their feed.

Then the Internet killed off the Yellow Pages system supposedly, Google Search has become the new “go to” for finding ALL the Materials Handling companies in one place if you are in the market for a new (or used) Material Handling And guess what, the same sort of system still takes place, those that build up the brownie points (SEO) rise to the front and end up on page one of Google (the Holy Grail) and those that pay the biggest bucks end up at the top of Google Adwords.

But all these systems – Yellow PagesGoogle Adwords, Google Search, Directories – all still pit one Material Handling business against another Materials Handling business in the same place.

All the prospect does at this point in time is price shop – over time you must have had leads come through from the Contact Form or Web Page with the first, and mainly only question being “How much is …..?”

OK, so you want to improve your results and get to talk to businesses that are looking for a Material Handling without the money question being the first question you get asked.

That’s where pro-active advertising and marketing comes in (as opposed to reactive directory, Google Search Yellow Pages styles of advertising)

Pro-active advertising covers all those means of promoting your business (TV, radio, newspapers, billboards, bus shelters, magazines, catalogues, brochures, flyers etc) where the prospect is NOT looking for a Material Handling right that moment in time specifically but where your marketing or advertising has the ability to stop him or her in their tracks and take notice, and where you get a very valuable sales enquiry if your promotional piece is effective enough to get them to take some action.

Really, at the end of the day all advertising works, the medium wouldn’t have survived if they hadn’t got it right for enough advertisers, it always comes back to the prospect having an inkling of an idea that they possibly need a Material Handling, you or your marketing team (or the media you’re using) creating a compelling offer that is communicated brilliantly in the most appropriate media that will generate the most leads for your business.

And staying away from your competitors while you are conveying your brilliant message.

Enter Stage Right ….. the Business Catalogues

The majority of businesses that receive the Business Catalogues are businesses that would be looking for a Material Handling at some stage, and yours would be the business that is there when needed. Let us help you develop a winning strategy for your Material Handling business.


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