Arrangements outside the following are required to be in writing by both
parties, otherwise the following terms and conditions apply:

The advertiser guarantees that the material supplied for publication contains
no false or unwarranted claims for any product or service and does not infringe
the copyright, privacy or rights of any person or organisation, the Fair Trading
Act or Trade Practices Act, and contains no defamatory statements or matter,
complies with the Advertising Codes of Practice, and may be published
without the Publisher incurring any liability of any nature whatsoever. The
Publisher accepts no responsibility for any loss resulting from the failure of an
advertisement, in full or part, to appear or for any error in any advertisement.

All bookings are deemed to be run-of-paper unless loadings have been paid.
The Publisher reserves the right to cancel placement where the advertiser’s
ability to pay cannot be verified. All bookings are deemed to be governed by
the laws of New South Wales, Australia.

All orders, cancellation or alterations to artwork are to be made in writing. No
responsibility will be taken for errors or omissions caused by misinterpretation
or oversight in verbal communications or instructions.

Your advertised products are exclusive in each catalogue and you will hold that
exclusivity based on your continued bookings. If your continued booking is not confirmed
within 14 days before the published deadline, we may accept advertisements from
businesses that sell the same or similar products or services to your business and you may lose
the exclusive product right to re-advertise.
All cancellations must be advised in writing no later than fourteen (14)
days before the published deadline or will be charged at the booked rate.
Please see our Media Kit for published deadline dates.

Artwork designed by Paragon Media on behalf of the advertiser must be
checked and approved by the advertiser in writing by the stated deadlines.
The Publisher takes no responsibility for errors found after the deadline. The
Publisher takes no responsibility for the level of response generated by the
approved advertisement or for results that do not meet or exceed expectations.
Artwork generated by Paragon Media is copyright and must not be copied,
used or reproduced in any form whatsoever without the permission of the

Some distribution may occasionally occur later or earlier than the published
dates where factors are outside the Publisher’s control. Please refer to
the Australia Post website (www.auspost.com.au) for full details on the
Unaddressed Mail Service.

Credit terms are available once the credit application has been approved.
Advertisers will be invoiced prior to publication and payment is strictly due on
the first day of each distribution, but must be paid no later than the end of the
month of distribution for any discount to apply. If payment is late, invoices will
be re-issued at the full advertised rate card pricing. Payment is to be made
by Cheque, Direct Deposit, Visa, Mastercard or American Express. Disputes
or discrepancies in billing must be advised in writing within 10 working days
of the billing date. The Publisher reserves the right to charge 10% interest
per annum on overdue balances after 45 days back-dated to the due date of
payment (of full advertised rate card pricing) as well as a $80 administration
fee, which shall become immediately due and payable. All costs, including a
Solicitor, collection agency and ALL court costs incurred in debt collection will
be charged. All published rates DO NOT include GST. The booking agreement
is deemed to be a contract and is therefore binding. Further to any verbal
booking agreement made, a booking confirmation will be issued. Failure to
sign or respond to this document DOES NOT cancel the agreement.

The advertiser agrees for the Publisher to obtain from a credit reporting agency
a credit report containing personal credit information about the advertiser in
relation to credit provided by the Publisher. The advertiser agrees that the
Publisher may exchange information about the advertiser with those credit
providers named in the application for credit to assess the creditworthiness
of the advertiser.