Turn your prospects into buyers with this news

Do you know about the government’s repeal of the Minerals Resources Rent Tax and the concessions for business that were to be funded by it?

(OK, don’t yawn!)

Not many people know about this, and it hasn’t been widely publicised, but there is a massive incentive going on for businesses to bring forward their spending on capital purchases before the end of 2013.

Why should you care?

Basically, if you want to make more sales between now and the end of the year, go back to all your prospects and let them know that if they make the purchase now instead of waiting until 2014 they will get the advantage of immediate tax deductions.

And that will get you more sales now!

Here’s a link to an article in My Business which will tell you more, or just check with your accountant.

I really hope this makes a difference to your sales between now and the end of the year.