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Is Your Website Putting Prospects Off?

Is Your Website Good Enough?

Here’s a fact that’s become more and more common about your website, especially over the last 3 or 4 years.

95% of the prospects interested in your product or service are going to visit your website before they call you or visit your business.

And that’s no matter where they found you – Business Catalogues, flyers, telemarketing, TV, newspapers, billboards or whatever.

The good old days of your phone ringing off the hook with new business are pretty well gone. You’ve felt it, haven’t you? I know I have.

The truth is, these days your website IS the face of your business. Even if your website doesn’t sell or do anything in particular, it is now your online showroom. So you had better make sure the impression you make is a good one if you want prospects to choose you over your competitors. You can drive all the traffic in the world but they will form an opinion about your business BEFORE they call or contact you.

After tweaking our own websites countless times and either advising on or creating websites for our clients, I’ve concluded there are 6 essentials to every good website design…

•    MARKETING – How well your website guides prospects through the buying cycle, i.e. Is there a way to capture leads, especially on the homepage?
•    DESIGN – The aesthetics of your website and how makes a visitor immediately feel, i.e. Would someone be compelled to stay or turned off within 5 seconds of visiting your homepage?
•    SEO – Search Engine Optimisation, which determines how highly Google ranks your website, i.e. Will anyone actually find your website in a search?
•    COPYWRITING – Is defined as the words on your website used to promote your product or service, i.e. Do you come across as professionals that are trustworthy? Are you using benefits to engage visitors to act?
•    PROGRAMMING – Whether or not the technical aspect of your website performs well, i.e. Do you have any broken links, images that won’t load, etc.
•    RESPONSIVENESS – Is your website mobile-friendly, i.e. If someone views your website on a mobile device, will it automatically change to a mobile version that provides them with a better experience?

If you’re missing one or more of the essentials above, I’m sorry to say, but your site is most likely losing you new prospects, leads and business — and you need to do something about it soon, before your competition snags all of that new business.

What, you might ask has this to do with the Business Catalogues.

You see, we can help your business generate countless new enquiries and leads – the Business Catalogues are good at that. In days gone by they would see your advert and call you straight away – some people still do – but mainly they’ll check you out online first.

When all your ducks are in line – everything will work for you. You need proactive media like the Business Catalogues to drive the traffic and a website (and receptionists) that follow through, make your business look good so the prospect becomes a customer.

If you have any questions about setting up a website or want us to build one for you, please call our friendly marketing consultants on 1300 360 540 or email